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Over the course of 365 days I posted a new profile picture each day on Facebook and Instagram and invited reactions from my community of friends and followers. These profile pictures were created in Photoshop by retouchers from around the world. I hired these professionals via such Websites as Craigslist, Fiverr, and Freelancer, and asked them to digitally create these images for me. I provided each of them with 400 green-screened selfies and directed them to create new profile pics for me that “make me look amazing and my life look awesome.” The retouchers then Photoshopped images of me with images they found on the Internet to digitally construct my profile pics. The altered images have no correlation with my own identity but instead, reflect each retoucher’s idea of what I might aspire to be.


Follow me, @PhotoArtStar on Instagram or check out the #365ProfilePics hashtag.  



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