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Backdrop for the Rebirth of the Collective Author

(“There’s a Whole Lot of Authorship Going On.” - Richard Prince)

2014, 66x99 in

Join me in becoming part of "a whole lot of authorship" and celebrating the rebirth of the collective author in social media.  My new work incorporates the canvas piece that was on view in New Portraits organized by Richard Prince at Gagosian Gallery.  The piece reproduced a photograph from Instagram of my performance piece #wishingpelt.  This object has now been reappropriated into a new diptych made for you and — through social media — by you.  Intended to live in Instagram, this work expands its authorship to everyone who takes an #artselfie with it as a backdrop.  Each time you take an #artselfie with this work, it sends the photo back to its home in Instagram and engages you with its collective authorship.  Remember, our pictures are for each other.  Share.


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