Time Out Dubai gave my show at The Jam Jar Dubai a lovely write up.  "For Dubai, the exhibition is both liberating and challenging – it’s almost impossible not to have some reaction. For starters, Sean Fader’s video installation is intimate and unusual."

Sean Fader Explores The Art Of Online Dating In Sup? by Priscilla Frank

If you've ever taken your love life to the digital sphere, you're familiar with the stressful, agonizing and self-esteem destroying task that is creating your dating profile.

From choosing accurate yet complimentary photos to summing up your charm, wit and brains in a succinct bio, the challenge at hand is an arduous one. In an exhibition entitled "Sup?", Sean Fader explores the complexities of online representations, mixed desires and the occasional breaches of truth:

If you like your art homoerotic, Fader and Simon will deliver. Fader trolled the online gay sex world for “subjects.” Simon explores his childhood memories at a lake. — HV

"The photographs in Fader’s I Want to Put You On series are unnervingly clever.Physical identity seems disposable in the images and the subject is both the artist and his friends, suggesting that they are possibly a commentary on their relationship." read more

I'm in a new book about brests in art! 


Cover of a new book that I am published in.  If you are interested in reading about me in reference to Judith Butler…  in FRENCH..  then pick up your copy today from www.democratic-books.com

"Let's stick with elation for now. There's a palpable sense of it in Sean Fader's portraits, like the perky-nippled sylph who anchors the show -- an Olympia for the Photoshop-savvy genderfuck set."  more

The Josh (Jorunal of Sexual Homos) published a photo essay.

Next Magazine names Sean Fader the visual artist of 09


"Every year Next Magazine selects the people that it thins are going to be high in gay culture in the coming year."  

"One of the most remarkable images is Sean Fader’s cross-gender “I Want to Put You On, Raini” It shows a slender young man with visibly hairy chest lying on a couch and holding a glass of wine. But he has a zipper pulled part way up the front of his body that is part of a female skin with a gently curving breast he is surrounding himself with." read more


"16 students selected from over 800 studios; the best of the new artists in the U.S."  read more

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