Curating Social Practices: 

December, 6th @ 4pm 



Moderated by Jose Diaz, Curator of Exhibitions, The Bass Museum of Art 




This panel covers the overlap between art and organizing in the public realm. From DIY community projects by artists and collectives to institutionally supported public interventions, enterprises and partnerships, this panel will discuss the future of art and social practice.



Travis LeRoy Southworth

Carlos Rigau 

Sean Fader

Bowie Zunino & Jeff Barnett-Winsby

Ombretta Agro'

Aida Sehovic

I am really excited to be selected by Kalia Brooks for A Blade of Grass: Artist Files.  Kalia was selected to curate a grant for individual artists working in a sociall engaged manner.  20 artists were chosen and interviewed about their practice, 10 of us will be shortlisted, and 4 of us will be given grants.  Kalia's curitorial vision for this grant really got me excied.  If you have a moment you can read The Generous Artist here.  A Blade of Grass and Kalia have created a blog with all our interviews designed to get the conversation started about what a social practice is!  Check out my clips, make comments, become part of the conversation!  I am so honored to be placed side by side with 19 amazing artists!

Click on the images below to watch the videos.  The conversation is heating up!

"Everybody’s always asks me, what kind of work do you make? Do you make landscapes? Do you make portraits? Do you shoot people, or dogs? And I say, well, I photograph myself, mostly. And they say, oh, so you’re a self-portrait artist. And I say, no, well, I just happen to be in most of my pictures. But I’m not a self-portrait artist. Let’s open up that conversation to a larger audience. Let’s show all the different ways that people are not doing a self-portrait. Which is one reason why we called this, “This is not a self-portrait." read more

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