"In the tradition of Cindy Sherman, Fader re-imagines himself as different characters from a teenager, to a housewife, to a hermaphroditic sophisticate. He's also fond of using his Photoshop skills to create images where he jokes, abandons, and makes out with himself and, stretching the boundaries of self-portraiture into the digital age, he includes a piece featuring his California Googleganger." read more

"One of the most remarkable images is Sean Fader’s cross-gender “I Want to Put You On, Raini” It shows a slender young man with visibly hairy chest lying on a couch and holding a glass of wine. But he has a zipper pulled part way up the front of his body that is part of a female skin with a gently curving breast he is surrounding himself with." read more

"Everybody’s always asks me, what kind of work do you make? Do you make landscapes? Do you make portraits? Do you shoot people, or dogs? And I say, well, I photograph myself, mostly. And they say, oh, so you’re a self-portrait artist. And I say, no, well, I just happen to be in most of my pictures. But I’m not a self-portrait artist. Let’s open up that conversation to a larger audience. Let’s show all the different ways that people are not doing a self-portrait. Which is one reason why we called this, “This is not a self-portrait." read more

"Utilizing his background in performance, Fader's Human Subjects series captures decontexualized characters from some anonymous narrative. His subjects are obviously posed and certainly cognizant of Fader's presence and gaze through the camera lens. We are given just enough information for these faces to become human, familiar even, although the situations they find themselves in are sexy and ambiguous. With an obvious flare for theatricality, Fader's work is perfectly suited to the digital medium as it lacks the "preciousness" of painting and even traditional photography. ”  read more

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