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Guided Blind Date

About Guided Blind Date:

Guided Blind Date was a part of Iron Maiden Artist Tours, a project by Naomi Miller.  This tour was collaboratively designed by Naomi Miller and Sean Fader.  


Tour description:

What if you had a date in which you met your counterpart in the backseat of a car, and after an hour and a half he or she was replaced with someone else, and after the second date you were replaced with someone else?  And what if the car took you to places in New York you’ve never been to before?  And what if in the front seats sat two artists who actively participated in your date, planned the itinerary, and dropped you off in the middle of whoknowswhere?  Welcome to artist Sean Fader’s ultimate fantasy.  Be prepared for disorienting entropy, accessing unknown places, meeting strangers, conversations that trigger emotional connections, and being challenged and entertained through a wholly new experience. 


About Iron Maiden Artist Tours:

Iron Maiden Artist Tours (IMAT) is an art project that commissions New York artists to create tours informed by their art practice or knowledge base, and to lead them from the front seat of a 1978 Volvo station wagon, the Iron Maiden.  Two passengers, who purchase their seats, sit in the backseat for a tour.  The income from the tours funds the artist honorariums and the vehicle's yearly expenses.

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