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I Want To Put You On, is a series of portraits of friends and family members in which I place myself in their bodies, add a zipper (digitally integrated into the photograph), and turn my friends into "body suits" of sorts. In these images, I have made the intersubjective portrait event my main focus. This is where my sitters’ and my own perceptions and dialogues meet. All of my subjects have something I desire, they have something I respect and covet. We discuss this during the sitting, which takes place in the sitter’s home with both of us mostly naked. As we discuss how we see ourselves being seen the charge of the negotiation between photographer and sitter becomes more intense and contentious. The sitter must also photograph me, as I have them. During this time I instruct the sitter, "Tell me how to be you.” They then direct me how to perform, pose, and be them as I attempt to negotiate their demands on my own performance.

I Want To Put You On,

Tell Me How To Put You On,

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