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AWARD: A Blade of Grass Artist Files Fellowship 2013

I am really excited to be selected by Kalia Brooks for A Blade of Grass: Artist Files. Kalia was selected to curate a grant for individual artists working in a sociall engaged manner. 20 artists were chosen and interviewed about their practice, 10 of us will be shortlisted, and 4 of us will be given grants. Kalia's curitorial vision for this grant really got me excied. If you have a moment you can read The Generous Artist here. A Blade of Grass and Kalia have created a blog with all our interviews designed to get the conversation started about what a social practice is! Check out my clips, make comments, become part of the conversation! I am so honored to be placed side by side with 19 amazing artists!

Click on the images below to watch the videos. The conversation is heating up!


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