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For dfbrl8r Gallery, PULSE New York, and SPRING/BREAK Art Show I created #wishingpelt.  I stood motionless on a platform for 80 hours over the course of 9 days.  Visitors to the #wishingpelt  were invited to whisper a wish in my ear, run their hands through my chest hair, and seal the wish with a selfie tagged on Instagram or Twitter with #wishingpelt.  Their wishes are forever private and their photos were immediately made public.  Visitors will also be invited to purchase a single lucky chest hair amulet as a souvenir.  This amulet includes a tiny capsule that enshrines a single strand of “Fader’s famed fur.” aggregates these photographs, creating a growing archive of the public’s experience with the #wishingpelt.


The performance was an intensely transformative experience for me.  Visitors took the #wishingpelt deeply seriously and poured their hopes and dreams into my ear.  During the three performances nearly 2,500 people made wishes and there are over 2,500 photographs that were published to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  I have received countless emails from visitors thanking me for making their wish come true and for changing their lives. 


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#wishingpelt Trailer


Pelt Grooming

:44 excerpt 

Original Duration 25:37

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