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YASS GAGA, SLAY MAMMA! makes space for sincerity in the heart of social media’s spectacle. During the opening event for Satellite Art Fair in Miami, I had the fabulous drag queen, Queef Latina, present to serve as a superfan for everyone that entered the fair’s front door.  As visitors entered Queef would scream Yasss Gaga Slay Mamma, and OMG you look so good.  The performance was modeled after Johnny Versayce’s YASSS GAGA viral videos in which he chased around Lady Gaga.  The videos have penetrated online meme culture and become the Yasss Queen And Slay meme. Behind Queef was a chorus of backup singers wearing all white with a single safety pin singing ominous chords.  For the entire 2 hour performance Queef and all 4 singers streamed the event on Facebook Live.  Queefs unconditional love combined with the symbols of contemporary public safety ie facebook live and the safety pin were intended to create a celebratory queer safe space for all who entered the fair.

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